January 2017 Flosstube!

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Year of WIPs Challenge!

Edit: Now with video!

Hey everyone! Long time no see, am I right? It’s been a crazy kind of Summer for me, but now that school’s started up again I’m hoping to settle back into my old routine.

I’m about a month and a half behind on watching Flosstube videos, but I JUST got to Melanie Watkins’ Year of WIPs Challenge video the other day. What an amazing idea!! Continue reading “Year of WIPs Challenge!”


FFO Friday #18: Festive Owl Flat Ornament

As soon as I stumbled upon this free owl ornament from Holly’s Hobbies, I knew I needed to make it for my Great Grandma. My household has had the same Christmas tradition for the last 20+ years. In the morning, we eat breakfast and open presents at my mom’s house, and then around 4pm we… Continue reading FFO Friday #18: Festive Owl Flat Ornament