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Making a Lap Stand

Like I mentioned before, my Shallan project is full of firsts for me in the world of cross stitch. Before this project, I didn’t use any sort of hoop or frame to hold my project, I did it all in-hand. With something as small as 28 count, and working with waste knots (for the first time!) you almost have to use a frame. Luckily, I love my Q Snap! I use it on all of my projects now. The 6″ x 6″ size is perfect for hand-held projects, but for this monstrosity it feels a little too small.

So, in the spirit of firsts, I decided to use Pam Reid‘s tutorial to make my own lap stand!

It is very straight forward and was easy to understand, my frame only took me a few minutes to put together.

Since my finished piece is a little over 18″ square, I decided to make my working frame 20″ x 11″ so I could work on a few pages at once. I prefer to work in one color at a time rather than square by square. All pieces are 3/4″ diameter PVC pipe. Overall, this project only cost me around $20.00. Click here to see a full cost break down of my project so far.

                        Materials Needed:
6 x 90° joints
2 x 45° joints
2 x T joints
4 x 2″ length
2 x 8″ length
3 x 20″ length
2 x 11″ length
1 set (of 2) replacement Q Snap clamps, 8 1/2″
1 set (of 2) replacement Q Snap clamps, 14 1/2″

And then all that’s left is to assemble! And maybe make a pretty new grime guard (:

It’s my sleepy kitty’s favorite place to sleep.

Edit: I was having some problems with my joints coming undone ALL the time, so I used some (water soluble) tacky glue spray in the joints and stuck it back together to dry. Solid as a rock now! But also temporary, in case I want to change out the size at some point (:


6 thoughts on “Making a Lap Stand

  1. Looks interesting. I have used Q snap once and didn’t like it much. I use scroll frames and like to rest them on my knee and I just couldn’t seem to do that with the Qsnap. You will have to share with us how this lap frame works out for you. It looks pretty simple to assemble and is very affordable. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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