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Magical Creatures SAL: January

I’ve been working on a Stitch-A-Long for Cloudsfactory’s Magical Creatures calendar. It’s my first SAL and my first Cloudsfactory and I’m loving all of it (: (except all the frogging I’ve done for January. Grr!)

Each month is a different Magical Creature, and last month was a Centaur. (I’m just a tad late finishing – I blame my 23 page essay due this morning)



The fabric is 16 count tan aida from DoveStitch.

Substituted Colors:

Big Tree – DMC 3761
Little Tree – DMC 931
Tree Bark – DMC 3031
Snow – DMC B5200
Centaur Body – DMC 918
Skin – DMC 945
Band & Hair & Eyes – DMC 938
Hooves – DMC 3021
Petals – DMC 3041
Sepals – DMC 154
Stamens – DMC 3822
Leaves – DMC 731
Veins – DMC 830
Border – DMC 111
Month Names – DMC 301
Magical Sparkles – Kreinik 032

I’m doing the stitches in Kreinik metallics going the opposite direction so they stand out more, but I’m not sure if it’s making a difference yet.

I also decided to do a different lettering for the month names that I thought looked more fairy-tale. I found something I liked online and adapted to fit this project. Here is the final mock-up for January:


Now to start February!

This pattern is the Magical Creatures Calendar Sampler by CloudsFactory
You can find the rest of my Magical Creatures posts here

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