WIP Wednesday #1: Too Many WIPs, So Little Time

Since I, like so many stitchers, have a literal book full of WIPs I’m working on (and not working on) I thought maybe posting about them would motivate me to either finish them off, make those FOs into FFOs, or admit that I’m never going to finish it and accept the frog into my life.

The easiest way to do this is chronologically.

I started cross stitching about two years ago – I think around the Winter of 2014. Technically that was when I started my first embroidery, but back then I didn’t know the difference and my first cross stitch project wasn’t long to follow.

It all started when I saw this picture on Reddit:

bear hug
It’s been so long, I can’t find the original artist to credit anymore – but if anyone knows please let me know!

It’s adorable, right?! I really wanted one of those cute, homey, hand made cross stitch/embroideries hanging in my home. So I traced it out, bought some thread and having no idea what I was doing, got to work


The bear was easy enough – and would have made a great FFO. I got to experiment with different color blends, making sharp corners with tiny stitches, using more and less thread for thicker and thinner lines. I even did french knots. French knots!!

But I’m foolish and ambitious and decided it needed something more. I’m also a huge nature nerd, and by this point it was well into Spring. I took some cedar boughs from a tree in my backyard, photocopied them, traced them into a line pattern with a sharpie and traced THAT onto my fabric in pencil.

Western Red Cedar (Thuja plicata)
I upped the contrast in this pic but it’s still kinda hard to see it

I wish I still had that original pattern, but I threw that away ages ago. Anyway, I wanted these boughs to be as realistic as possible so I used split stitch instead of back stitch, and experimented with different blends of colors and different thread counts. The tips of the boughs have more of a light green concentration and less threads (2) and the base of the boughs have more dark green in the blend and more threads (6 I think).


I’m ridiculously happy with how this looks, but I got SO burnt out after getting halfway done. Now I’m afraid that if I picked it up again, I would forget exactly how I had done the last ones and it wouldn’t look as good. ): Luckily I still have some of the original skeins of floss I bought, so I at least know that they were made using DMC 937 & 732. Perhaps I will do the bottom border with something other than the cedar boughs.


For now, it is in the naughty pile for 1. being obnoxiously time consuming and intricate (especially for my first piece) & 2. Somewhere along the way, in the 4 or 5 moves its been through, it got some little stains on the bear and I don’t know if they will come out and I don’t want to put a lot more effort into something that is already ruined.


Status of the Project:

That I’ll finish this UFO

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