Just Cross Stitch Magazine – Subscribe or Don’t?

When was the last time you bought a magazine?? I don’t think I ever have once in my life. Well, once. When my boyfriend and I first moved to our new city, we did some exploring down town before Winter quarter started. We spent probably a full hour perusing this little (very disorganized) used bookstore. I was looking for a book on Native American history, but instead I found the craft section – specifically, the cross stitch section. I didn’t even know that book stores had a cross stitch section!

Most of it was dated and very not my style. There were a lot of alphabet books and kitschy 80’s-style country-home stitches. One book caught my eye though.

October 1989 Edition

I’m a sucker for anything Fall colored or Fall themed, and for 50c I couldn’t just leave it there. I didn’t look through it until I got home, but I fell in love with almost every cross stitch in it.

Unfortunately some patterns were missing pages ): I guess I should have expected that. I went online to see if I could find the missing pages, and found that Just Cross Stitch is still going strong and publishing! And for about $30 you could get a year’s subscription AND two years of back-issues (online access only). So I can’t get my missing pages, but I could get three new (to me) Fall editions of Just Cross Stitch.

I ended up signing up for the free trial. (I think?? I don’t remember doing it, but the Winter 2016 issue showed up at my house – so I guess I must have) It was pretty fun to flip through. I don’t think I’ve ever looked at a magazine outside of a waiting room.


I absolutely LOVE this Winter chalk board, there is a very good chance I’ll end up making this one:


This ones cute and kind of Scandinavian (like me) but I don’t think I’d ever actually make it:


This one isn’t my style, but it could be a cute gift:


Overall, I’m still on the fence about ordering them.

Pros: That’s a lot of patterns available for a relatively small amount of money. The back issues really make it worth the price. I like having something physical to flip through, it’s nice and relaxing – especially with a cup of coffee. Who doesn’t like getting something new and exciting in the mail every once in a while?

Cons: How many of these patterns will I end up actually making? A lot of them aren’t really my style. Will I get annoyed having magazines stacking up? There’s a $2.50 charge for shipping – is that on every issue or a one-time fee? If I buy the subscription, I would prefer to get a hard copy in the mail, but will I end up paying more for patterns I don’t end up using?

A tough decision on an unemployed college student budget! I tried looking ahead to the March/April issue to see if that would sway me one way or the other:

I love that sweet little succulent! (#10)

These are adorable! But again, would I actually make them?


The counter part to my Winter chalkboard! I imagine they’ll do a Summer and Fall too. That’s how they get you to buy the subscription! I’ve gotta have a matching set:


That didn’t help at all!!! I guess I have to decide if the price is worth the average of one pattern per issue I end up making. But that doesn’t include all the back issue patterns I might want!

What do you guys think, is it worth it? What magazines do you subscribe to?


Edit: I decided to go for it! I’ve already looked at all the back-issues while I wait for my new issue to come in the mail, and I’m glad I went for it. I have 4-5 patterns added to my stitchy queue and one new start in my Q Snap (:


12 thoughts on “Just Cross Stitch Magazine – Subscribe or Don’t?

  1. I like CSN – it used to be called Stitcher’s World and had a long yuck-to-me phase but I’ve gone back to it. I think I’d be happy with a digital sub but a friend has the CDs of the back issues – best of both worlds as it takes up only a little space.

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  2. Ooh, that delivery charge would be the deal breaker for me, per issue or not. So you pay to subscribe to a magazine, then pay extra for it being sent to you, which as far as I can see is the sole reason for subscribing to anything? That’s up there with tall catalogs charging extra for tall sizes past a certain point in the “guess what you can kiss, folks” rankings. 🙂

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  3. What you describe is exactly why I haven’t subscribed to a magasine in ages! I like to go to the newsagent thought, and have a look at all the craft magasines and if there is one I really like (read: I will actually make most of the things in it) I buy it 🙂

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      1. My favorites are CrossStitcher for its consistent collection of fun, modern, trendy patterns and Just CrossStitch for its more traditional patterns, more complex patterns and exclusive patterns by well-known designers. I also like Cross-Stitch & Needlework magazine, but they don’t currently offer a digital subscription option.

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  4. Years ago I subscribed to several magazines and absolutely loved getting them every two months. They fed my addiction and gave me so many ideas. Gradually I let the subscriptions lapse but i still the magazines. I love going through them every so often. I say yes, it is worth subscribing.


  5. I subscribe to the JCS magazine and the Cross Stitch and Needlework magazine. I like getting them in the mail and I usually find at least one pattern I like in each. I like the JCS for the on-line preview and this month they had the free download of the Nora Corbett Queen Anne’s Lace Pixie, which I just had to start right away before my issue arrived 🙂 I do also buy some of the UK magazines at the craft store when I can find them. I do look through them first to make sure it is worth the very high price of each issue. I can’t remember which magazine…I thought it was JCS magazine, but I could be wrong…they have a CD of several years of issues, so you may find the issue on there. I will double check my stash to see if I have that issue you picked up.

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