WIP Wednesday #2: Fire and Blood

Okay, so the last one wasn’t technically a cross stitch project, but this one is. Around the time that I first started to cross stitch, I was super into Game of Thrones and I kept seeing these bookmarks ALL OVER Pinterest. They looked pretty cool and easy enough and I decided I could probably do that. Sure.


I’m actually proud of how long I stuck this one out. I bought all the specific colors for it, brand new Aida cloth, I even gridded it out with a blue sewing pencil.

fireblood1 (5)
I also learned an important lesson about thread coverage of black on white

The black felt like it took FOREVER. In the end, I hated the way the pixelated dragon mouths looked and forever abandoned the project.

Seriously, what even is going on here?!

I was happy with how the back looked, for it being my first attempt. My grandma always says that the back of your work should look just as good as the front of your work ( but now I think that’s crazy!! I definitely won’t show her the back of my full coverage piece 😐 ).


Not much else to say about it. I’m not sad, it was good stitchy practice. I moved my attention on to a project I thought I would enjoy more.

Status of the Project:


7 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday #2: Fire and Blood

  1. Those look so hard to ever finish… the background would be way to long, I wonder if you could just stitch the crests on a coloured cloth. But you did great with your back, it’s very clean 🙂

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