FFO Friday #1: Cross Stitch Exchange

This was my fifth ever attempted embroidery/cross stitch piece and my first ever finish! I needed a break from all the stressful pattern creating and editing with my Far Off Places WIP, so I found a cute free pattern online and stitched it up real quick.


Unfortunately this is the best picture I have. I stitched it for a friend who likes Star Wars (I don’t) but he ended up not wanting it. SO since I didn’t really want it either, I posted it on the Cross Stitch Reddit asking if anyone wanted to exchange for it. I got one taker who offered to make me something Firefly related, and I love Firefly!

About a week later she asked me my favorite colors (purple and green) and sent me this exciting teaser pic:


A cute little Kaylee and green back stitching around the letters (it’s subtle, but I like it that way).

Not long after that, I received the FO in a package at work (: (: (:


I trimmed it down to size and framed it in a floating frame, the kind that has two pieces of glass instead of a matted back. I have a ridiculous stash of these frames because I love them so much.


I love her FO much more than my own (:

*Header image source here

You can find more information on the rest of my FFO’s here


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