WIP Wednesday #3: Far Off Places

Bouncing back from my disheartening WIP #2, I decided to go full swing into something I thought I would love. I browsed Pinterest for (too many) hours and hours and came out with these pictures:

Alphabet Source – Rose Source Unknown – French Border Source

I had an idea, but no idea of how to execute it. I wanted something to hang near all of my bookshelves, and Beauty and the Beast is my absolute favorite movie so I intended to do an homage of sorts incorporating this scene:

far off places.jpg
“It’s my favorite! Far off places, daring sword fights, magic spells, a prince in disguise…”

However, I didn’t have any graph paper and I liked the idea of doing it on the computer where I could easily erase, test colors, copy paste etc. I couldn’t find any programs for this because I didn’t know what terms to search for, all I could find was Pic2Pat and things like that. I didn’t want to convert an image, I wanted to create a pattern!! It was so frustrating.

I’m ashamed to say that before I discovered KG-Chart and PC-Stitch (LOVE both btw) I used a picture of graph paper from Google and filled in the squares using ms paint.


SO using my absolutely pathetic method, I came up with this (the only remnant of the pattern I have left):


Stitched version:

I’m really please with how well it all came together!

However, in the end, I abandoned it – life got in the way. I picked it up a few weeks ago intending to finish it now that I have gotten better and faster at stitching. I noticed some spacing issues in the lettering (even though I swear I was careful to count a dozen times!!) and a few other mistakes. My stitches aren’t as good in this stitch as they are now, so I think if I finished it there would be a noticeable difference in quality.

I have decided to officially abandon/frog this piece BUT I am working on making a new and better pattern using KG Chart and when I do, I will stitch up an FFO and share the pattern here (:

Far Off Places.jpg
I haven’t gotten very far yet

Status of the Project:

Abandoned, but soon to be reborn

5 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday #3: Far Off Places

  1. I have not tried charting anything on the computer. In the past I have just pulled some graph paper and a pencil. I did try using PC Stitch for buying patterns from Patterns Online, but I am so computer illiterate that I had to have hubby do it for me. So, probably won’t ever use it again, LOL. You are very creative and I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

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    1. That’s sweet, thank you! I did start with graph paper, but its so hard to find something with small enough squares and when I have to move something over I can’t just copy and paste like on the computer. Usually I’m a pen an paper girl, but not for this

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