Stash Unload: Enabling Addictions

I’m a member of a few groups on Facebook – StitchMaynia and the Magical Creatures SAL being the two that I’m the most active in. Recently though, I was introduced to a new group called Stash Unload and it’s been a very bad (very good??) thing!

Stash Unload is like a more intense version of a crafting bazaar, but online. People post pictures of the stash they have to “unload” along with a price, and the first person to comment “me please” gets it. I imagine if this took place in real life, physical fights would break out constantly, especially when there is a Mirabilia or Nora Corbett at stake.


I’m trying really hard to be good and only buy what I know I’ll use, but within the first 24 hours of signing up I bought three things. BEWARE! This group is amazing, but very dangerous.

Here are my first three purchases:

1.   $15.00

Threader for scale

There are constantly so many beautiful pieces of fabric being listed on Stash Unload – that’s what I struggle the most with having restraint on! But I have been wanting some polka dot fabric ever since I saw someone do their Joyful World SAL on some and I fell in love ❤ There’s a very special place in my soul for all things polka dot. It’s actually a lighter blue than the picture looks, it will make a cute winter stitch I think (:


2.   $4.00


Ever since my Grandma found out I learned to cross stitch, she’s been wanting me to make her something. I’ve been trying to find something she would like – there are a lot of pretty, classic rose stitches, but I think I would get bored of them before I finished. She loves antiquing and quilting, so when someone posted an entire album of quilt-style samplers I had to snatch this one up! It looks like it will be a fun stitch, I’m thinking maybe one block a day won’t be so bad.

3.   $5.30


I LOVE that cute little mouse on the mushroom, I just couldn’t resist. I tried to, but when I asked my boyfriend for advice (half hoping he would talk me out of it) he said “go for it!” so here it is, haha! It will make a very cute gift for my mom, though.


So far I’ve been pretty good! May you have a similar fate (;


5 thoughts on “Stash Unload: Enabling Addictions

  1. There’s no way I could have passed up the Gentle Thoughts book. I don’t think joining that group would be a good thing for me. But I enjoyed seeing your acquisitions. Very nice.

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