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Magical Creatures SAL: March

My birthday month features a Phoenix!


I don’t know if it’s because I was so over February, but I really enjoyed this stitch. It had the least amount of colors so far and I like that – constantly changing threads is the worst! This one was simple but beautiful and I’m very happy with how it turned out. And it only took me one weekend start to finish, including the border.



The fabric is 16 count tan aida from DoveStitch.

Substituted Colors:

Phoenix Red -DMC 666
Phoenix/Fire Dark Orange – JP Coats 38B
Phoenix/Fire Light Orange -DMC 971
Phoenix/Fire Yellow – DMC 972
Phoenix Eye – DMC 115
Cloud Top – DMC B5200
Cloud Bottom – DMC 3753
Border – DMC 111
Month Names – DMC 301
Magical Sparkles – Kreinik 032

The best part about this month is that I finally got to use some of my old JP Coats threads my grandma gave me! I have a bazillion DMC oranges, but none of them are as pretty as my JP Coats.

Also, the text was WAY easier to make fit than with February. Thank god!



The other modification I made this month was incorporating the magic sparkles. I’ve been replacing all the glow in the dark thread with Krienik so far, but this month called for the entire top half of the cloud in it. Ugh! Instead, I made the top of the cloud plain white and added in little random sparkles.


The only bad part about this month was all of the border I had to finish off, but it went quicker than the January corner – I think I’m getting faster. Luckily for me, April already has most of it’s border (:

This pattern is the Magical Creatures Calendar Sampler by CloudsFactory
You can find the rest of my Magical Creatures posts here

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