FFO Friday #2: Talk Nerdy to Me


This is the first project that I designed and completed. It’s also the first project that I attempted to frame, so it’s a little crooked but I don’t mind. My  boyfriend and I play a lot of Magic the Gathering – not as much anymore, but we have a pretty substantial card collection. So that was the inspiration for this project! It wasn’t until I was almost done with the project that I realized that this is apparently a song.

I originally designed this with just the text, but I felt like it was missing something so I added in the mana symbols. In retrospect, I wish I had done them in the order that they appear on the back of the cards but I think this placement is more visually pleasing.


I used classic graph paper to chart out the mana symbols and counted very carefully to make sure my spacing on the aida was correct. The text was made by converting an alphabet using Pic 2 Pat.


I had planned to add 20 sided dice in between the mana symbols in metallic colors but the metallics were too difficult for me to work with, so I ended up leaving them out in frustration. Now I kind of wish I had put them in, maybe with variegated thread instead of metallics.


This piece was too big for one of my clear glass frames, so I bought a shadow box frame from the thrift store and painted it black. I love how it turned out! This project was done before I learned to make all my top stitches go the same direction, but I don’t think it’s very noticeable.

I am working on charting this up as a pattern to share. I will probably make two versions – one with the dice and one without. And an option to put the mana symbols in the order they appear on the back of the cards.

⇒Pattern coming soon!

You can find more information on the rest of my FFO’s here


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