FFO Friday #6: Get Your S#!t Together

This is the fastest I have gone from new start to FO! It took me less than a month of lazy stitching in between other projects to finish it up. It was definitely a nice break from my Shallan, but admittedly it was a bit of stitchy procrastination. I was avoiding my Shallan, my mom’s Mother’s Day stitch and my Magical Creatures SAL.

The pattern is a quote from Rick and Morty designed by Reddit user ArchPD.

I liked that it was all black – I didn’t have to worry about color changes and I got to use up a bunch of my random little bobbins of DMC 310. I stitched it on 14 count aida that I dyed RIT Golden Yellow – an homage to Morty’s wardrobe.


The full crosses are 3 stranded and the back stitching & eyelets are 2 stranded.

I also tried some fancy stitches for the first time, I think it’s called an eyelet.


Overall, I am SO happy with how it turned out! A quick and satisfying little stitch (:

You can find more information on the rest of my FFO’s here


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