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Magical Creatures SAL: April

April was a tiny and fairly quick little stitch, but I got behind because I’ve been focusing on my mom’s mother’s day present (I’ll make a post on it once I finish it). I ended up making Magical Creatures my first priority in Maynia so I could make some progress and not get even further behind. I finished April on the 1st of May! That’s not too late (:



The fabric is 16 count tan aida from DoveStitch.

Substituted Colors:

Tree trunk – DMC 801
Door & Shoes – DMC 400
Door details – DMC 3829
Stairs – DMC 640 & DMC 644
Vines – DMC 733
Grass – DMC 580
Flowers – DMC 554
Hat, Body & Mushroom tops- DMC 3777
Bottom of mushroom – DMC 739
Apron – DMC 3865
Face – DMC 945
Rosy cheeks – DMC 754
Hair – DMC 433
Eyes – DMC 839
Border – DMC 111
Month Names – DMC 301
Magical Sparkles – Kreinik 032
For reference, here’s what the original block looked like.

I made quite a few changes to this block. I liked the little branch with the lantern, but there was no way to fit in my alternate text so I had to omit it and move the tree to the left one square.


Here’s the lettering chart if you want to do it as well. Note that you’ll have to move the entire tree one square to the left.

April Words.jpg

I also added an extra gold bar to the door because it felt out of balance.


I’m doing magical sparkles in every square instead of the glow in the dark thread. This month had her apron in glow in the dark, so I made her apron an off white color and added the sparkles to the grass instead of the little yellow flowers.

In addition to changing the color of the gnomes clothing from purple to red, I changed her face a bit. I removed her eyebrows because they made her look evil. I also removed her.. mouth? nose? I’m really not sure what it was supposed to be. I gave her rosy little cheeks instead. (You can see it a lot better in person)


And that’s it! I’ve got until the 8th (and then the last 3 days in May) to finish the May block before I can move on in my Maynia plans (:

This pattern is the Magical Creatures Calendar Sampler by CloudsFactory
You can find the rest of my Magical Creatures posts here

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