FFO Friday #5: Totemic Whale


I started this last October as a gift for my mom. It was supposed to be a Christmas gift, then a birthday gift, and eventually ended up as a Mother’s Day present. Oh well! My mom and I are both super into the art of the Coast Salish, and whales are significant to my mom, so this pattern was a pretty easy choice. I think she liked it!

I got the pattern online here. I really just wanted the chart, but it was only sold as a kit. I had never bought a kit before and I was a little disappointed because I replaced every single thing the kit came with, but I LOVE the chart so it was worth it. I’ll find uses for the aida and floss eventually.

This is what came in the mail, along with some 14 count cream colored aida:

It took me a really long time to decide on the colors for this project. The ones that came with the kit were SO off base. The red was very orangey, the blue was emerald green and the white was straight up gold. I also changed a lot of the color placements, so that took a while to figure out as well. I started with just the black outline to buy myself some time and filled it in later like a coloring book.


Eventually I settled on these colors:

Black – DMC 310
Red – DMC 3777
Blue – I didn’t write it down before I gave it to her! I know it was a DMC 38 – – dark turquoise. Something close to 3847. It may have been that one.
White – DMC 739
Stitched 2 stranded on 16 count Oatmeal colored aida

I like to make a goal for every project I do so I can learn something new every time. My goal for this piece was to make all of the top slashes go the same direction, I didn’t do that in my first few projects. I started this project top slashes this way \\\ but in all of my other projects I have been doing top slashes the other way /// so whenever I switch back to this one I mess up the stitches ): It’s not super noticeable though, so I left most of them in.

I knew I wanted to frame this circular like a drum, but I didn’t want to do it in a hoop and have the screw poking out. It took a lot of trial and error and some scary experimenting, but I ended up putting something together that I’m happy with. I’ll make a tutorial post on how I framed it later (:

Tutorial Coming Soon!

And that’s that! Finish #6, I’m so happy with it.

You can find more information on the rest of my FFO’s here


10 thoughts on “FFO Friday #5: Totemic Whale

  1. That is a beautiful project! I once tried to crochet a sweater for a friend for his birthday. It ended up getting to him for Christmas the year after his NEXT birthday! He loved it though, and I’m sure your mom loved the whale. Especially the circular framing. Looking forward to the tutorial.

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