My Favorite Flosstubers

So I’ve been watching a crap ton of Flosstube lately, trying to catch up on everything I have missed and also trying to keep up with all of the Maynia updates. It’s been awesome! If you’re following Stitch Maynia, I made and have been updating a playlist on YouTube of all of the Stitch Maynia 2016 videos – from plans, to updates to wrap ups. Maynia is technically over, but I’ll be updating it through the end of the month and probably a little bit into June as well so I can catch all the wrap up videos. I have found SO MANY new Flosstube subscriptions watching this playlist, I’m loving it!

Stitch Maynia 2016 Playlist

I thought I’d do a round up of my favorite new (to me, which is everyone haha) Flosstubers I have found. Some of them I have less to say about, but that says nothing about their channel – I’ve just been so deep in Maynia I don’t have much time to say anything! I promise they all are worth checking out (:

These are in absolutely no order, I just went down my subscriptions list on YouTube and picked them out

The Evergreen Needle

Her first stitch was a Mirabilia in 2015, and she’s only gotten more ambitious since then. I LOVE watching her videos. She’s the one who got me hooked on watching floss tube. I had tried watching others before, but her cheerful, friendly personality and intriguing projects really drew me in. You have to check out the Mira’s she’s worked on and the conversions she’s done! I’m really excited to see what she’s going to come up with in 2016. Her projects make me feel inadequate – in a good way! She’s inspiring me to step up my game. Plus she’s from the Evergreen State, the best state (;

Heather Stitches

I know I’m biased because she co-admins the Pacific Northwest Stitchers Facebook group with me, but she really is one of my favorites! Her dogs are cute, I like her projects, and her Year of Giving is so generous and kind! If you haven’t looked into it, check out her blog here.


One of the first Flosstubers I started watching, and I immediately binged all of her videos in a row. She’s definitely added a few things to my wish list, and to my stash. And she has a really fun personality too (:

Primitive Stitcher

I’ve only watched one of her videos so far so I really don’t have much to say about her, but I love the projects I’ve seen so far and I’m looking forward to seeing more! As her name suggests, she does a lot of primitive stitches and I just love that.


She lives on a farm and she cross stitches, and her channel definitely reflects that! She is one that I just discovered last week so I can’t say a lot about her, but I am looking forward to going back and catching up on all her previous videos. She’s charming and her projects are absolutely gorgeous. She is working on a Mira conversion right now that was inspired by Poe’s Annabelle Lee and I cannot wait to see how it turns out! It’s freakin fabulous. Seriously.

Kristy With a K

She’s new to Flosstube with only three videos, and I’ve only watched one of them so far, but I’ve watched enough to know that she’s hilarious and I love her and I think you will too! I’ve been enjoying following her updates in the Facebook group as well.


She is also new with only 3 videos, one of which I have watched so far, but I’m really enjoying watching her and I’m planning on going back to her other videos once Maynia is over with.


She lives in Japan and she opened a video with a mini linguistics lesson – love it!

Since I’m late to the party, I’m sure you are all already subscribed to these lovely people, but if for some reason you aren’t I highly encourage you do so right now!

Hope your Stitch Maynia is going (or went) as planned, happy stitching (:


12 thoughts on “My Favorite Flosstubers

  1. the only problem with kowgirlkate is that she never seems to finish her conversions! I also like the evergreen needle; kate the queen of starts, trisha little stitcher, carolyn mazzeo, pyrex stitcher & coffee stitcher (Garrett also includes mini Oz lectures).

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    1. Those are all good ones too! I should have added Adele, I’m binging on her right now.

      Do you know what Kate’s blog is? She said she posts her conversions on there, but I don’t know where to find it


  2. Thanks for the new floss tube links…. I can’t keep up with the ones I already follow but hey that’s ok… I will just add some more to list to watch one day!!
    I love seeing what everyone is stitching – it is such an inspiration – and these people are great enablers of more stash!
    Hugs xx

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