FFO Friday #7: My Little Family


This was a quick and secret stitch done for my boyfriend for our first anniversary. I only had 1 hour twice a week while he was at school and I was home alone to work on it, and I ended up finishing it just as he got home on the day of our anniversary! As an added bonus, he was completely surprised and had no idea where I got the time to work on it. Yay for successful surprises! (:



Coming up with a version of the pattern that I liked was the hardest part. I asked the Stitch Maynia Facebook group for suggestions, and they had some really good ideas! In the end, I had to make a few compromises because I wanted to save some time on framing by stitching it on one of those pre-stretched aida canvases from Jo-Ann’s.

“Loops & Threads” brand stretched Aida canvas in Oatmeal color

All the different versions:

I liked all of them in their own way, but I think this version represents our little family the best.


I love how it turned out. And he picked out a spot to hang it right above my stitchy chair!


You can find more information on the rest of my FFO’s here


9 thoughts on “FFO Friday #7: My Little Family

  1. Love it! And what a great surprise. I’ve never heard of pre framed cross stitch canvas before, I am so on that as I hate trying to figure out what to do with them once I’m done.

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