Flosstube #3: Maynia, FFO’s, Haul & Bloody Marys

New video! I decided to do it early because I realized I already had a ridiculous amount of things to talk about. This might be an every-three-weeks kind of thing.

My little kitty Dart makes his first appearance, being his usual adorable & annoying self.

Links Mentioned in my Video:

My Flosstube
My FFO’s
Magical Creatures by Cloudsfactory
Tan aida by Dovestitch
Sleepy Kitty Free Pattern
Autumn Greetings Pattern (Just CrossStitch Oct 2015)
Happy Everything
Civil War Quilt by Linda Myers
Ms OhSewCrafty
GratuitousGeek Pinot Noir pattern
Totemic Whale Pattern
Essex Stitcher
Stitchybox Advent
Stitchy Box GAST threads (Wood Nymph)
The Evergreen Needle
Mucha Belle (PinkyThePink)
Kaitlin in Stitches
Jade (Picture this plus)
Tintagel (Hand Dyed Fabrics by Stephanie)
Ancient (Picture this Plus)




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