FO Friday #11.0: Beartooth Santa – My First Mill Hill


I made my first Mill Hill ornament! I have been wanting to try beading for a long time now since I plan on doing PinkyThePink’s Mucha Belle & Heidi’s Stargazer Conversion. I remember looking at EVERY SINGLE Mill Hill kit on 123Stitch a while back. Everyone kept recommending Mill Hill as a beginners guide to beading, but I couldn’t for the life of me find one that I liked.

Until the other day when I was watching LittleYellowHouseCrafts on YouTube and I saw her lineup of Mill Hill Santas and fell in LOVE!! I don’t know what it was, but something about seeing her little Santa’s sparked something inside of me that made me instantly obsessed.

I ended up going on eBay and found a package deal for Beartooth Santa from the Rocky Mountain Santas collection & Mt. McKinley Santa from the Mountaineer Santas collection.

As soon as I got them in the mail I immediately kitted Beartooth Santa up and finished all the stitching in 3 or 4 days. I planned to do him for Stitch Maynia’s Christmas in July SAL & PNW Stitchers’ Winter in July SAL but I just couldn’t wait.I’m never a monogomous stitcher, but I didn’t pick anything else up while I worked on this I was so addicted!

Before putting the first bead in

I decided to do my Santa on plastic canvas instead of the perforated paper that came with the kit. I have never worked with perforated paper and I’ve heard stories of it tearing somewhere down the line or spilling water on it or whatever else could go wrong – I figure a Christmas ornament is something I plan to have for the rest of my life and I wanted to make sure it would last that long (and survive around potential children).


That, and there’s something about working with plastic canvas that I really love. Like I said in my last video, it’s like the exact opposite of working on linen. Don’t get me wrong, linen is gorgeous and I love it – but it’s so damn fiddly I feel like I’m going to ruin it! Plastic canvas, I can bend it and tug it and generally beat the hell out of it and no one could ever tell. It actually came a lot in handy while I was working on this. Some of the beads were so close together that I really had to bend my canvas to get the needle in on the second go through. I’m a little worried what’s going to happen when I try to bead on linen (yikes!)


Of course, like always, I had to learn something new with this project. This was my first time working with beads and I LOVED it. I started the beading kind of late one evening and I stayed up until after 1am to put the very last bead in – I couldn’t stop!!

Now I’m seriously obsessed and I have 6 other Santas on my wish list waiting to be purchased. If anyone wants to trade – I no longer want my Mt McKinley Santa and would be willing to trade it for one of the ones below. If not, I plan on giving him out in a future giveaway on my flosstube channel!

I decided to wait on giving my Santa a beard & a backing until I have a few more Santas stitched up. I want them to all look the same, in the backing and in the face, so I think I will give them all the same beard. It makes sense that Santa changes clothes depending on where he visits, but why would he change his beard? I love the little loopy beard on Teton santa (the one with the mountain goat) so that might be the one. Whichever beard I pick, I plan to finish them like Calico did in her video – with a jewelry loop for threading some ribbon through and a sturdy piece of felt backing. If you have never tried beading before and are worried about how to finish a Mill Hill kit, her video was AMAZING at making me feel confident in what I was doing!

I can’t wait to start my next Santa!!

You can find more information on the rest of my FFO’s here


8 thoughts on “FO Friday #11.0: Beartooth Santa – My First Mill Hill

  1. I’m jealous that you can get them at a decent price – I went to our LNS and they were nearly $30! Each!
    I learnt to bead with a MH kit years ago and it reinforced my decision to mostly stick with 28ct evenweaves when I have a heavily beaded piece. It’s a bit easier to bead, IMO – my Stargazer is on 32ct & I had to miss some beads out in the bigger clumps.
    Love your videos too. I binged and watched a couple more in my binge this weekend (I’m paula sewscrapmuse)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I saw your fireflies! Damn, that’s insane!!! I can get them regular price online for 7.50 but I’ve been scouring eBay for deals. I’m planning to do my stargazer on 32 count! But I’m changing all the beads out so I think I might just buy smaller beads, I’m not sure yet. Glad you like my videos! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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