Free Pattern: Patriotic Flag

Happy 4th of July everyone!! I hope you are having a fun and safe day with lots of explosions and BBQs (:

In the spirit of the season, I am releasing my Patriotic Flag pattern for free! This piece was designed for a commission requested by a “grandpa” to my family. He wanted something honoring the troops, so I made this quaint checkerboard patterned flag with the iconic Truman quote over-layed. I will note that I was heavily inspired by others’ versions that I had seen online (as I mentioned in my last video) but they weren’t exactly what I wanted, so I made this version.

Patriotic Flag

Stitch it with the quote to honor the troops, or leave it off for a simple, country style flag.

The pattern features doves-eye stitches in place of the stars. You can choose to do it this way, or use Dress It Up micro star embellishments like I’m doing on mine. (Note: The Amazon listing says “approx 50” in each bag, but you WILL need two bags)


My favorite part about this pattern is that it’s only 6 colors so it’s a great travel project and once you get the borders established, you don’t need to take the pattern with you anymore. I stitched most of this while I was working a really slow desk job.

Wherever you decide to stitch this, I hope you enjoy it!

Download Pattern

Patriotic Flag B&W Symbols

Patriotic Flag Color Symbols




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