FFO Friday #14: Santa’s Boots

The next finish in my “Christmas in July” obsession!


Santa’s Boots from the Santa’s Closet line of Mill Hill kits. I got lucky and snagged this, and two others, for a ridiculous price on eBay from someone clearing out their stash.


Stitched on plastic canvas because I don’t trust the perforated paper.


I wasn’t too sure about these little boots when they were just the stitches, but once I added the beads on they really came to life!

They came with little pine tree charms, but I switched them out for mini jingly bells from Jo-Anns.


I love them!

Once again, I used Calico’s finishing method. I sandwiched 1.5″ eye pins between the canvas and some black sparkly felt, let them dry overnight, and threaded some sheer sparkly bridal ribbon through the loops.

Back to my obsession – I’m on an ornament-making mission!


You can find more information on the rest of my FFO’s here


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