Free Pattern: Seahawks Logo

This Saturday August 13th is the first Seahawks game of 2016! (I know nothing about football, but Google said so) In celebration, here is a teeny mini pattern for a Seahawks logo (:


I made this to go on my Happy Everything that I am making for my Great Grandma. She is just slightly obsessed with the Seahawks.

This isn’t my Grandma, but it’s pretty close. #mamablue

I had to look up pictures of the logo, and it’s changed a bit over the years. In some versions that bottom left corner is green and in some it is a lighter blue. I decided to go with the more current silvery blue, but it’s up to you which colors you want to use.

This is the current logo on

I placed this in my Happy Everything right above the “ER” in “EVERYTHING” so it fits into August/September – the start of football season. I had to re-chart the sun a tiny bit so that I could fit the white border around the logo. The first version of the logo that I made didn’t have the white border and fit perfectly within the design, but I didn’t like it as much.


Seahawks logo digital mock up
Seahawks logo – this is the actual pattern since it’s so mini (: (colors listed below)
Here is a mock up of how I fit it into my Happy Everything – note that I had to change the sun’s rays a bit
And here is the pattern for placement into your Happy Everything!

Colors Used:

DMC 159
DMC 470
DMC 311

— — —


As always, happy stitching everyone!


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