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Magical Creatures SAL: July

July’s block was quick, fun & nostalgic (: Seeing as it was a mermaid with a little fish, of course I had to make Ariel & Flounder! And the best part – this took me two days start to finish.july
It’s hard to get the colors in this block to show true to life – my poor little jelly fish keeps disappearing in all my photos. He shows up nicely against the tan fabric though.

Ironically, the colors show up much better on my crappy cell phone camera than on my nice digital camera! What’s up with that?? I wish my camera had more options to change the settings when taking a picture –

Crappy cell phone pic – those colors are spot on!

As usual, you can’t really see my sparkly bits either. This month I replaced some of the bubbles with the sparkly kreinik.



The fabric is 16 count tan aida from DoveStitch.

Substituted Colors:

Seaweed – DMC 92
Rocks – DMC 3023 & 3032
Bubbles – DMC 67
Jellyfish – DMC 67
Fish -DMC 444, 943, 3371
Mermaid Skin – DMC 951
Hair – DMC 817
Bra – DMC 3834
Tail – DMC 4045
Fin/Detail – DMC 94
Eyes – DMC 975
Border – DMC 111
Month Names – DMC 301
Magical Sparkles – Kreinik 032

I decided to go crazy with the variegated threads this month and I’m so happy with it! I think it gives the perfect amount of movement to the seaweed, bubbles, and jellyfish.


And of course, here’s my little flounder! He’s mostly the same as the chart, but I added one more block to the top of his head cuz Flounder has a big dorsal fin.


The “July” alphabet was so easy and painless (especially compared to June) that I actually stitched that before anything else this block. Thank god it worked out! I didn’t have to frog it once (:



And I am officially all caught up in the SAL!! I have exactly two weeks to stitch the next block without falling behind again, and I think I can manage that

This pattern is the Magical Creatures Calendar Sampler by CloudsFactory
You can find the rest of my Magical Creatures posts here




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