FFO Friday #15: Love Notes

Yup – it’s another Mill Hill ornament! This is the last of the stash that I got for cheap on eBay (although definitely not my last Mill Hill!). This is Love Notes from the I Love series of Mill Hill Kits.


Stitched on plastic canvas instead of perforated paper (of course!)


This one was tricky because what looks like variegated floss, is actually carefully placed stitches. I think they were trying to make it look like the staff/lines on sheet music but I’m not really sure.


It calls for a beaded loop on the top, but I finished it the same way I’ve been doing all the other ones – with Calico’s finishing method, a 1.5″ eye pin, and black sparkly felt.

I used some cute sheet music ribbon I found for $1 at Jo-Ann’s.


There was supposed to be a charm on the bottom, but I left it off. Mostly because I forgot. Whoops!


This one is going in the box with my other ornaments for now, but I’m thinking it will be a gift for my Mom (:


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