FFO Friday #18: Festive Owl Flat Ornament

As soon as I stumbled upon this free owl ornament from Holly’s Hobbies, I knew I needed to make it for my Great Grandma.


My household has had the same Christmas tradition for the last 20+ years. In the morning, we eat breakfast and open presents at my mom’s house, and then around 4pm we head over to my Great Grandma’s house for a large family gathering, dinner, and of course more presents! As families grew and created their own household traditions, my Great Grandma’s Christmas gathering slowly got smaller and smaller. The last few years, it has been just our little family that goes to my Great Grandma’s for Christmas – and that will never change! It just isn’t Christmas without her   ❤

In case you couldn’t guess, my Great Grandma LOVES owls. She actually has an owl cross stitch my mom made her when she was a kid (I have to remember to snag a picture next time I visit!). It’s been hanging in the same place in her house for as long as I can remember. Every year, her Christmas tree is bursting with unique ornaments, each with their own special memory. I thought it would be special to add a handmade one of my own into the mix.

The stitching was super quick – probably a weekend project. I stitched it on an opalescent 32 count belfast linen that I bought from 123 Stitch during my mission to hand dye fabric for Stargazer. My back up plan was to use this fabric for Christmas ornaments cause it’s just so sparkly!!


I stitched it mostly as charted, but left out the french knots because I just can’t be bothered! The only colors I changed were the backstitch on the leaves from DMC 910 to a darker DMC 890, and the DMC 3864 on the owl (a weird fleshy color) to DMC 841, tan grey.

To finish my ornament, I used one of my favorite Flosstuber’s tutorials – Vonna the Twisted Stitcher. Her tutorial videos are so clear and informative – and they remind me a lot of when my Grandma taught me to sew when I was a kid. She also has a blog that has a ton more content. I checked it out for some ideas of how to finish my ornament, and I found these three that I liked –


Vonna’s Flat Ornament Tutorial


Vonna’s Mounted Flat Ornament Tutorial


Vonna’s Felt Mounted Ornament Tutorial

I decided to go for the last one – the triple felt mounted ornament, sans bow. I even bought a special wavy-cut rotary blade for this project that is actually pretty awesome to use.


I added extra sparkle by using three layers of sparkly felt & sandwiching in a sheer, sparkly ribbon for hanging.


As far as firsts go – this is my first time finishing an ornament this way, but it’s also my first time signing a stitchy project!


It’s going in my ornament box for now, but I can’t wait to gift it to my Great Grandma for Christmas!







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