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Year of WIPs Challenge!

Edit: Now with video!

Hey everyone! Long time no see, am I right? It’s been a crazy kind of Summer for me, but now that school’s started up again I’m hoping to settle back into my old routine.

I’m about a month and a half behind on watching Flosstube videos, but I JUST got to Melanie Watkins’ Year of WIPs Challenge video the other day. What an amazing idea!!

Basically, starting on October 1st 2016, you make a pledge of how many WIPs you want to finish by December 31st 2017. If you finish a certain amount, you’re eligible to win a stitchy prize! It’s the perfect incentive for someone like me who tends to fall out of love with projects after a while (I’m looking at you, Magical Creatures). As an added incentive, Melanie pairs you up with a post card pal! Once a month you send each other post cards with kind words of encouragement (or maybe a little guilt lol) as an extra added push to get those finishes in. I just LOVE this idea!

I may be missing a few details here, so if you want to participate be sure to watch Melanie’s video that I’ve linked above. To officially join in on the challenge and receive your post card buddy, join Melanie’s Facebook group here.

Note: There is a deadline to apply! You must have your WIPs listed on the Facebook group by Oct 10th 2016 to be counted as entered.

I’ll be posting a video of my plan later on in the week – yes really, I’m finally going to make a new video!



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