Me Me Me

So I’m making this blog for reasons, I guess. To talk about my cat because I’m obsessed with him. To see a collection of my stitchy progress as motivation. Sometimes a sea of little stitches can get overwhelming and it’s hard to remember you started it all with a blank canvas and one stitch at a time.

I thought maybe I’d use this as a way to share my progress with my family without flooding my facebook with pictures of cross stitch, but then I realized half my WIPs are gifts so PLEASE DON’T LOOK, GO BACK TO FACEBOOK! Or pretend to be surprised when I give it to you.

I also wanted to use this to share with other cross stitchers online cuz they can be pretty awesome and fun.

Mostly though, I just want a personal journal of progress. I think it might be fun and I’m too old to figure out how to instagram or twitter. Can I still get a livejournal?