An aside: I’ve had this blog for exactly one month now…

So yeah, I started this one month ago on February 1st as a way to motivate me on my Shallan project (which has been working!). I’m enjoying blogging a lot more than I thought I would, I thought it would be a lot of work and I’d just get bored.

The amazing and mind boggling thing is that, at the time of writing this, on the 7 blog posts I have made so far I already have 1,670 views!!!!! That has wildly exceeded the kind of attention I had expected to get.

So I mostly just wanted to say thanks and you guys are awesome and I’m glad you’re interested (: This blog is my new favorite distraction from doing my homework (and it’s almost finals week).

D’artagnan wanted to help me write this post

Shallan Davar

Shallan Davar Cross Stitch Saga: $$$

Total Cost: $172.65 A running tally of how much I spent on this project so far. Updated regularly (: To see how far along I am in my project, check out my progress page. ——— 1/21/2016 – $16.36 Monaco 28ct fabric, 30×36″ sold by Heaven and Earth Designs (with a coupon code) 1/23/2016 – $12.75… Continue reading Shallan Davar Cross Stitch Saga: $$$


Me Me Me

So I’m making this blog for reasons, I guess. To talk about my cat because I’m obsessed with him. To see a collection of my stitchy progress as motivation. Sometimes a sea of little stitches can get overwhelming and it’s hard to remember you started it all with a blank canvas and one stitch at a time.

I thought maybe I’d use this as a way to share my progress with my family without flooding my facebook with pictures of cross stitch, but then I realized half my WIPs are gifts so PLEASE DON’T LOOK, GO BACK TO FACEBOOK! Or pretend to be surprised when I give it to you.

I also wanted to use this to share with other cross stitchers online cuz they can be pretty awesome and fun.

Mostly though, I just want a personal journal of progress. I think it might be fun and I’m too old to figure out how to instagram or twitter. Can I still get a livejournal?